Tips and troubleshooting


The vacuum cleaner does not start

Is the central unit connected to the mains?

Is the wall socket supplied with electricity?

Are the connectors of the low voltage wire properly connected to their counterpieces?

Are you using a correct type of hose? The original hoses have the right contactors.

Does the vacuum cleaner start when you try from another suction inlet?

If the vacuum cleaner starts, the fault is in the electrical connections of the suction inlet. Detach the inlet and check the wiring connections.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with an overheat protection function which may have tripped. Wait for 15 minutes until the vacuum cleaner cools down. If the protection function comes on again, contact an authorized service company.

The main fuse shall be of 10 A


Low suction

Are all suction inlets of the apartment and central unit properly closed and the black ring gaskets around the suction inlets in the walls in their place?

Is the dust bag full?

Is the cover properly placed?

Is the hose blocked?

Has something got stuck in the suction inlet?

Are the suction pipes blocked?

Is there a leak in the tubing? Attach the suction hose to the central unit, start the vacuum cleaner and block the pipe with your hand. The vacuum valve B should open up (hear a snapping sound and the noise of the motor increases). If the vacuum valve does not open, the tubing has a leak.

Is there a blockage in the suction hose or nozzle?



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