The Puzer central vacuum cleaner system

suits apartments and terraced houses



Terraced house apartments

We recommend Puzer Eeva for terraced house apartments. It is easy to place even to a smaller apartment thanks to its compact size.


Puzer Easy

Puzer Easy is recommended for apartment houses and terraced houses where exhaust pipes cannot be easily installed. The exhaust air is led through a HEPA filter back to the installation space and a separate exhaust pipe is not needed. The washable HEPA 12 allergy filter collects approx. 99 % of all harmful particles up to 0,15 micrometres.


Puzer Eeva and Easy are quiet and powerful

Puzer Eeva and Easy are quiet and their suction power is about twice as powerful compared to even a good hand-held vacuum cleaner. Their 8-litre dust bag fits approx. 60 litres of room dust, so the change of the dust bag is necessary every 6-8 months.