The Puzer central vacuum cleaner system

for a new building



Puzer is a natural choice for a new detached, a terraced or even an apartment house. You will find a vacuum model from the Puzer's collection that suits your house. You can select either the top modern and effective Aino, the compact Eeva or the traditional Oiva. Puzer Easy is developed especially for terraced and apartment houses.


Help for planning

We are glad to help you with planning. Send us the layout of your house, we will plan the suitable Puzer central vacuum cleaner system for it and guide you with finding the nearest retailer. Also, many house factories have selected Puzer to their houses as standard or optional equipment.


Easy to install

The installation of the central vacuum cleaner is easy even for an amateur builder. The system consists of a central unit, dust pipes placed into the structures and cleaning equipment (hoses and nozzles). Puzer is the first manufacturer in the world who has developed a tubing system made of environmentally friendly glue-free polypropylene (PP).

In case you do not want to install the central vacuum cleaner system by yourself, many of our retailers offer professional help for installing the system.