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Questions and answers about the central

vacuum cleaner


What should be taken into account when planning the wall inlets and tubing of a Puzer central vacuum system?

In the design stage, first choose the right places for suction inlets in the layout drawing. Take a hose-length string to the scale and use it for checking on the layout how far the string reaches from each suction inlet. The hose has to reach all corners without moving any furniture. Suction connections should be mounted so that a 8-10 metre hose is long enough. 12-metre hose is used when you cannot suit a suction inlet to a suitable place in the layout. The tubes will weaken the vacuum less than the hose. The pipe packages PP2 and PP3 include the tubes and connectors needed for every suction inlet. Usually there are some extra parts.


Can the central unit be placed in a garage on the side of the house, with the tubing installed underground?

It is not allowed as the operation of the system cannot be guaranteed.


Is it possible to lengthen the vacuum hose?

Using a hose of over 12m is not recommended. The hose decreases the suction power by 5 W/m. The hose with the suction inlet start is 12 metres long. This hose model can be shortened. The length of a handle-started hose cannot be changed.


When should sharp curvature bends be used to connect the pipes?

90° steep pipe fittings only for wall brackets, others as needed.


Are there any supplementary appliances available for vacuuming?

Yes. A pre-separator, an automatic dustpan, an exhaust vent cover and different types of nozzles.


Is it possible to install the tubing into a crawl space?

Yes, if the pipes are insulated.


How far from the central unit can an exhaust pipe be installed?

The recommended maximum length of a standard Puzer pipe (Ø42 mm) is 5 metres. A larger diameter of 50-75 mm allows for a maximum length of 10-15 metres.


What is the voltage of the cable that connects to the wall inlets?

The voltage is 24V. It is a so-called low current voltage which is not dangerous.


What should I do, if I want to vacuum small-sized particles, ashes, construction and gypsum dust?

Use the Puzer pre-seperator that is sold as an accessory.


Does the moisture condense on the outer or inner surface?

Inner surface in the suction pipes, outside in the exhaust pipe.


How are the pipes assembled?

The pipes are connected to each other using 42/42 mm couplings and washers. Bends and wye fittings have bushings that will hold the washers once the pipe has been pushed as far as it goes. When installing into concrete, the joints must be reinforced with duct tape.


The pipe joints feel tight. Can the installation be made any easier?

Yes. During installation, the pipes can be lubricated using soapy water or pipe lubricant sold at hardware and HVAC stores.


How high should the wall inlet be installed?

The optimal user height is 1 metre from the floor surface. It is installed so that the lid opens downward.


Will the exhaust pipe let out rubbish or dust?

The exhaust pipe will only let out dust whose particle size is only a few micrometers through the
4-fold microfibre bag or the filter of a dust container machine.