FI 2KP-Tekno Oy


Puzer's central vacuum cleaners have been manufactured already for 30 years. KP-Tekno Oy designs, manufactures and markets central vacuum cleaners for Finnish markets as well as for other EU countries.

We develop and produce the latest vacuum cleaner technology, providing our customers with solutions that make house cleaning an easy and hassle-free task.

Puzer central vacuum cleaners are Finnish Key flag products

KP-Tekno is the only completely Finnish company in its branch whose ownership and production are located in Finland. The company is a part of the Stephen Industries Group.

Stephen Industries Inc Oy is a private Finnish investment company. They specialize in identifying, acquiring, holding and developing technology companies. Stephen Industries has committed to long-term development of the companies they own. Together with international partners, companies belonging to the group that are supported to maintain high-quality product development, create innovations with the newest technology and find new markets.


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