Puzer history


Puzer's central vacuum cleaners have been manufactured already for 30 years. KP-Tekno Oy, the developer of Puzer's central vacuum cleaners, was established in 1989. Originally, the manufacturing programme included central vacuum cleaners for detached houses and larger buildings; factories, hospitals and hotels.

Puzer has developed its own solutions from the beginning. Puzer has already right from the start used environmentally friendly, glue-free 42 mm PP tubes.

There was a deep recession in Finland and other Nordic countries in the beginning of the 1990s, and to obtain more resources, Puzer gave up the manufacturing of industrial vacuum cleaners. In 1997, the recession was over, and Puzer's rapid growth to becoming one of the leading central vacuum cleaner manufacturers of the Northern Europe.


›› 2000 Puzer started using ”through flow” type motors in its collections whose efficiency and noise level were remarkably lower than in the traditional ”By pass” motors.

›› 2003 Puzer made a revolution in the central vacuum cleaner world by introducing Puzer Eeva; the world's first central vacuum cleaner that was designed to be installed to living premises; a cleaning closet or a utility room. The central vacuum cleaner could also be installed in small and compact spaces with no room for a large central unit.

›› 2004 This innovation was continued, as Puzer introduced Puzer Easy. It is a hybrid of vacuum cleaners that combines the benefits of central vacuum cleaners without the trouble of installation and it also suits for apartment or terraced houses.

›› 2005 - 2010 Puzer supplied these compact class models also for the world's largest household appliance manufacturer, Electrolux, but has then returned back to its operation as an independent manufacturer.

›› 2011 Puzer introduced Puzer Aino that represents the most modern central vacuum cleaner technology. This way Puzer has the perfect collection for small and large houses.