Puzer's central vacuum cleaners have been manufactured already for 20 years. They are manufactured in Finland, and Puzer's products have the right to use the key flag symbol telling that is has been manufactured in Finland.

The Puzer's collection covers the most common needs of households. You can select either the top modern and effective Aino, the compact Eeva or the traditional Oiva. Puzer Easy is developed especially for terraced and apartment houses.


5 years' guarantee

Puzer warrants a full 5 years' guarantee for all its models, Aino, Oiva, Eeva and Easy. The cleaning equipment and other accessories have one year's guarantee. Even after a long period of use, there are spare parts available for Puzer's vacuum cleaners.

Puzer is one of the leading developers of the central vacuum cleaner technology. Many of today's innovations, such as glue-fee dust tubes made of more environmentally friendly plastic, or quiet and effective, blow-through motors were first introduced by Puzer.

Nowadays, we have especially developed the use of dust bag technology in central vacuum cleaners. Puzer Eeva was the first central vacuum cleaner in the world where the air flow was led through a dust bag. Thus, the air flow compresses the dust and an 8-litre bag fits approx. 60 litres of room dust. It is three times the volume of a traditional central vacuum cleaner, such as Puzer Oiva. Thus the change interval of a dust bag is very long, even 6 months with Puzer Eva.

The change of the bag is easy and clean, and thus, Puzer Aino, Eeva and Easy models can also be placed to the living premises. The compressed dust will not spread to the indoor air the same way as when emptying the container of a vacuum cleaner without a dust bag.

Puzer Oiva is the traditional container machine of our collection. It is equipped with a replaceable cellulose fibre filter. Based on its experience, Puzer does not recommend so-called continuous filters, because these filters will be blocked by grease and microdust collected to the filter before long, which will result in weakening of the vacuum and the shorter life of the motor.

Whether you are building a new house, renovating the old one, you live in an apartment or terraced house or are renting one - you can always choose Puzer. Finnish, durable Puzer is a safe choice. Get to know a suitable model for you - Puzer helps in creating a fresh and clean home.